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November 16, 2010 / ccollinsonjones1

Lotte Berk body transformation

Sometimes exercise is pure fun; sometimes it’s about focus or accomplishment; sometimes pushing yourself until you feel alive and breathless and elated. Sometimes, though, it’s about getting an arse you could crack a walnut on.

This week’s class was the Lotte Berk method and it feels like, if done regularly, it would leave you without so much as a single millimetre of wobble.

It was devised by a dancer of the same name in 1959. It’s a bit like Pilates, yoga, ballet and boot camp all rolled in to one, and it has been called the ‘ultimate body transformation system’.

It’s supposed to give you those long, lean, dancer’s muscles and perfect posture that those of us under 5 ft 4 feel we can only dream of. Now I’ve tried it I can see how: You look like you’re gently stretching your leg but you feel like you’re dangling a four wheel drive from your big toe.

The class we went to was at Marylebone studios. Just turn up and pay a tenner for a session with a great teacher, who has that wonderful knack of being able to perfectly explain how something should feel so you know when you’re getting it right. For example, just as I collapsed back in a heap, abs burning, she pointed out that it would probably feel a bit like indigestion, which was exactly what it felt like.

Lotte Berk classes are held regularly at Marylebone studios. The studios themselves are also worth a mention as they are rented by instructors in many different disciplines, from Volga Russian dance to Egyptian Belly Dancing. I’ll be going back there to sample more classes.

And I may actually make this a regular class (or buy a Lotte Berk DVD). If so you will find me strutting about the office in gold hot pants come springtime.

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