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January 7, 2011 / ccollinsonjones1


This is almost exactly what it looked like when I did it.

January’s torrential joylessness is upon us, so this week’s session needed to work particularly hard to put some colour back in the world.

I had a hunch that trampolining would be a very, very good way to do that so off we went to an hour-long drop in session with the Greenwich Bouncers Club in Kidbrooke.

It’s in a youth club in a particularly dormant residential area. That just adds to the appeal though – the whiff of school gym about it makes me feel about 8. The needle on the joyometer twitches a bit further around the dial.

There are just two of us in the session so it’s apparently more intense than usual. We take it in turns to learn a basic sequence in stages: tucks and straddle jumps and sitting down and so forth.

I spend a lot of time losing my bottle mid-air and coming to a shuddering stop with my knees in my mouth, but with a little bit of focus and confidence I can do a passable sequence by the end. It’s not graceful but it is fun.

The class is designed more as a work out than to develop any particular gymnastic skills. It’s good exercise and it’s good for the spirit. By the end of it we are a bit shiny and smiley and January can sod right off actually.

They do classes for kids and adults. They do drop in sessions and 6 week courses. If Kidbrooke is a train ride too far, find a club near you. Everyone needs a bit of bouncing in their lives.


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  1. Charlotte / Jan 7 2011 3:46 pm

    Sounds fun. Who’s “we”?

    • ccollinsonjones1 / Jan 7 2011 4:05 pm

      Just two of us this time – me and a friend. Wanna come to the next thing? Not sure what it is yet.

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