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February 2, 2011 / ccollinsonjones1


Most people become indoorsy in January. But not if the National Trust has anything to do with it. For January this year they designed a great outdoor fitness program and loads of events to get people exercising outside.

You don’t need fancy equipment, just your body and somewhere to be out in the fresh air. You run, jump, stretch, lunge, walk; even go geo caching or do Thai Chi if you fancy it.

The whole thing is very liberating. Not just because of the fresh air and the sideways rain, but also because you feel like a bit of a wally doing lunges in a public space. Feeling like a wally and doing it anyway is extremely good for you, I find.

I had the full 31 day program and I confess I didn’t follow it to the letter as I was busy running. And running. And running. I have a lot of running to do this year.

But it’s an important reminder not to put these things off until we have the equipment, the membership, the personal trainer, or some sunshine. You already have everything you need.

I especially love it because it couldn’t be further from watching MTV on a static bike in an air conditioned, windowless gym.

Nice work, National Trust.


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  1. ov / Feb 2 2011 3:30 pm

    I wouldn’t trust this National Trust website – look at the woman in pink. She’s probably in some hospital now, with a massive back injury. Her alighnment is all over the palce. She’s putting too much pressure on her lower back, there’s clearly no core stability there.
    Don’t do it.
    I bet your running instructor would have a thing or two to say about both their running techniques too.

  2. ccollinsonjones1 / Feb 2 2011 4:36 pm

    You’re right of course, she’s all over the place. But that’s sort of what I like about it. Just get outside and move about a bit.

    Better to do messy press ups than to sit about not doing anything because the whole fitness world keeps telling you you don’t know how to do it properly.

    We’re always being told we can’t feed ourselves without government intervention or a quack nutritionist, or enjoy our bodies without a personal trainer etc and it all just raises the barriers. It’s rubbish. Do it. Listen to your body. Find a way to do it better if it hurts.

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