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February 17, 2011 / ccollinsonjones1

1 mile swim

You're not allowed to take pics unfortunately so I borrowed this off a google image search. Which I'm probably not allowed to do. Shh.

This morning I swam at London Fields lido before work. It’s always the perfect start to the day. I got there just before it opened at 7:15am, early enough for a short wait outside to take in the new whiff of spring in the air and the first sign of crocuses in the park. Delicious.

The pool itself is particularly magical at that time of day. The sky is starting to brighten and steam rises off the water. There is barely a ripple from the few early-morning swimmers.

It gets a little busier about half way through, which slows things down a bit. In the summer it can feel like there’s barely any room for water, but today it’s about right.

The great thing about the pool is its size – it’s 50 metres long. I swim an easy 34 lengths, which is just over a mile. In a shorter pool, a mile would seem like a lot more work because you’re constantly turning around.

It takes 40 minutes at a comfortable breaststroke, allowing time to navigate a few people who are in the wrong lane. There are some people who refuse to move to a slower lane even when they’re repeatedly lapped by a old ladies in full make up trying not to get their earrings wet. I try not to let it affect the general serenity of the scene.

I always like to finish with a length or two in the slow lane, sculling gently backwards and looking up at the sky. That’s what I love about an outdoor pool – sky, fresh air and weather. You can just look up and watch birds and clouds and get a bit of rain on your face.

As you may be able to tell, I shall be spending the rest of the day in an obnoxiously good mood.

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