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March 10, 2011 / ccollinsonjones1





Unidentified fitness object, I mean. OK that doesn’t quite work but what IS it?

I was given this rather unusual piece of equipment by the lovely folk at Work Club. It’s called a Powercircle and I think it’s got something to do with Pilates. I’ve been testing it this week so I shall try to explain…

The blue circle is actually a tube. Inside it is a metal ball that moves freely through the tube. The grey thing at the end is a digital sensor. Each time the ball passes around the circle, the sensor records it. Make sense so far? Not really, no.

It comes with a booklet of vague exercises (pictured in full colour HD below). The objective of each exercise is to rotate the ball around the circle. I’m not sure how many times you’re supposed to do each one so I assumed 50 and it seemed about right.

Oh I see now it all makes perfect sense

I think it’s a toning device. If you’re doing it properly – core engaged, straight posture, slow, controlled movements (I’m guessing of course, I’ve done a few Pilates classes) – then it is probably quite effective. But for the unsupervised Pilates virgin it would be all too easy to just shake it about willy nilly and achieve the same score. A bit like lying on the sofa and shaking your Wii Fit to fool it in to thinking you’re doing something energetic.

In summary, it’s probably one for the under-the-stairs-collection. I love the idea of someone designing it and thinking, ‘Yes! I’ll make my millions with this. Move over celebrity fitness video, the Powercircle has arrived!”

I might start a collection of unusual bits of fitness equipment of indeterminate function; perhaps set up a curiosity shop.

One day, when none of us owns anything apart from a single device that does everything and has just one button, people will flock to my shop to gaze at miniature trampolines and portable steppers and ab crunchers with nostalgic fondness. Their children, eyes wide and shining with wonder, will ask them: “What is it mummy? Where’s its screen?”

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