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August 9, 2011 / ccollinsonjones1

Running for safe streets


There’s been a lot of rumour and worry on twitter today, so the good folk at The Brooklyn Brothers London have started a hashtag – #safestreets. The idea is that you report on what’s going on in your neighbourhood so people have reliable, real-time updates from around London.

So I ran home from Soho to Stoke Newington, reporting as I went.

In the West End, boards are going up over shop windows and you can’t walk more than 100m without spotting a policeman; but there are still plenty of outdoor diners sitting at wobbly tables on narrow bits of pavement, pretending they’re somewhere in the Med. Tourists are still spilling out of The British Museum. Parties of foreign exchange students are still milling about on pavements. Lovers are still snogging in parks.

Angel is choked with disgruntled traffic and fumes. Standard.

On Kingsland Road and Stoke Newington High Street, the heroic Turkish shopkeepers and restaurateurs, who last night fought off the mob to defend their businesses, are maintaining a watchful presence on the street. I am very glad they live near me.

The volunteers and their brooms have done an outstanding job today.

And everywhere, the streets are full of Londoners doing what Londoners do best: having a defiant pint on a street corner or in a pub garden.

Please join in and get reporting too, in London and beyond.

GO GO GO. #safestreets

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