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September 1, 2011 / ccollinsonjones1

Kung Fu family

The Incredibles

On Sunday I did a three hour Wing Chun Kung Fu session with my sister, her husband and her brood of children, who range in ages from 5 to 12. There’s another one who’s 2 and she did come along, but mostly her participation involved occasionally asking someone to unwrap a Chewit.

They all live down in Kent and attend classes run by a gentleman named Eddie in the village hall at High Halden. Eddie is an excellent teacher – calm, great at explaining things, patient, and definitely hard as nails.

The transformation of my sister and her whole family since they started going to Eddie’s classes has been astounding. The kids are calmer and happier from the discipline of the training, learning and meditation. They can do press ups on their knuckles and high kicks over their heads. The parents are also calmer and happier and look radiant (which is no mean feat when you have four children).

For anyone who has kids with boundless energy but feels a bit part-worn themselves, I’d highly recommend Kung Fu training. In fact, I think I might recommend it for anyone over the age of about 3.

So well done to Eddie and well done to the Whitingtons (who I shall now be referring to as The Incredibles). And me? I could barely shoulder my own handbag the next day, which is always a sign I’ve been doing something fun.

The Whitingtons


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