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May 17, 2013 / ccollinsonjones1

Glow yoga

Feels a bit like this

Feels a bit like this

Life has got in the way of Ditch The Treadmill this year. Much of my exercise has involved chasing my own tail. And typing. To get back in the swing of things again I decided to do something that might help slow me down a bit.

I went to a Glow yoga class at Good Vibes Fitness in Covent Garden. Glow yoga is basically a vinyasa style class in a heated room. Not the oppressive heat of a Bikram class that makes you feel like a raisin left out on a rooftop. This is like being wrapped in blankets and cuddled. It’s a comforting heat in a dimly lit room with nice relaxing music. Exactly what was needed.

The class was great – top quality instruction that talks you through every pose and helps you to feel your way through it. It’s sweaty and challenging without being punishing.

Most importantly I learned a great technique that made me feel like the top of my head had come off and all my preoccupations and to do lists had floated out of it.

Here it is:

– Shut your eyes

– Take a deep breath (through your nose)

– As you breathe out, imagine the air leaving through the top of your head.


I know. Good isn’t it.

If you go, expect more of that sort of thing with a few handstands thrown in for good measure. Delightful.

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